Included in our impressive fleet of vehicles are dedicated frozen trucks. From the moment the frozen products are collected from our suppliers until the moment they arrive at our loading docks they are kept at precise temperature controlled conditions.

We carry a great selection of frozen vegetables for your convenience. Spinach, peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, chopped onions, to name a few. The vegetables are picked at the peak of the season and are flash frozen to preserve the freshness, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels. Rest assured all our vegetables are under strict Kosher supervision to ensure they remain completely clean and free of any insects!

Our frozen fruits are picked at the prime of the season, ensuring maximal sweetness.

Treat yourself to the convenience of frozen pizza. We carry a great variety - including whole wheat, and mini pizza bagels.

We distribute a full selection of sushi items, and frozen fish fillets.

Heat-and-Serve Meals
Our famous signature Tzali’s line of frozen items include: borekas, falafels, jachnun, malawach, vegetarian schnitzels and other fine products. We carry a great selection of Agri Star’s ready-to-eat entrees and meals created with savored recipes. Every dish is carefully prepared and cooked in small batches to guarantee their signature hallmark – a rich homestyle flavor, and all ingredients used are of the purest quality. From tangy honey-mustard chicken breast sautéed in a wonderful blend of spices, to traditional Italian-style meat balls, the entire line is packaged in a convenient user-friendly package. The ready-to-eat meals require minimal preparation time and are a perfect solution for a tasty and filling meal anytime.