Our entire lines of meat and poultry products are of the strictest kosher certification standards, and are all of premium quality. In addition to exceeding USDA regulations and requirements for cleanliness and purity, our supplier: Agri Star maintains a highly-trained staff of Rabbis and Mashgichim (ritual supervisors) to ensure that every product has met the precise requirements necessary for Kosher certification. This results in a 100% trustworthy, pure, Kosher product!
Our supplier: Agri Star, only carry prime livestock hailing from family farms, and they take pride in the health and robustness of their cattle. The ranches and family farms are located within 100 mile radius of the state-of-the-art processing facilities, ensuring the livestock are transported swiftly and humanely. The livestock are raised on an all-natural, corn-fed diet in the sunny pastures of America’s heartland. Our supplier Agri Star only use USDA choice Black Angus steer which offer our consumers juicy, mouthwatering cuts of beef that remain unmatched in flavor and tenderness.

Our succulent lamb is of premium quality. At your request, we are able to customize your order to your specifications in our USDA cutting facility on site.

Treat yourself to our delicious cuts of veal. Our butchers will be delighted to customize any order to specific requirements.

We distribute Agri Star’s award-winning deli products that are recognized worldwide for their wholesomeness and purity. The deli line is created the traditional way: with hearty cuts of poultry and beef and with family treasured recipes. Each deli product is prepared in an advanced processing facility, guaranteeing consistency and superior shelf life. Our lineup of flavorful deli products boasts the biggest variety, boldest flavors and most trusted name in the Kosher industry.